Reliability of Energy Systems

Dear colleagues!

 Institute of Energy Systems. L.A. Melentiev (ISEM) SB RAS on July 9 - 15, 2023 plans to hold the next 95th meeting of the seminar "Methodological issues in the study of the reliability of large energy systems", established at ISEM SB RAS. The meeting is planned to be held in the Irkutsk region on the island of Olkhon (Lake Baikal). Check-in and check-out of participants will be carried out centrally: to the venue of the Seminar from Irkutsk from the Akademicheskaya hotel on 07/09/2023, departure on 07/15/2023 from the camp site of about. Olkhon, the road will take approximately 6 hours.

 The topic of the meeting is "Reliability of energy systems in the face of modern challenges and threats."


The topics of the seminar meeting include the following areas:

 1. Methodological issues in the study of the reliability of energy systems in the face of modern challenges and threats.

2. Methods and models for analyzing and ensuring the reliability of energy systems in the context of the implementation of unified information models of energy systems.

3. Intelligent information technologies in problems of reliability of energy systems, models and methods for their solution.


The 95th meeting of the seminar for Russian participants is planned only in person, online mode can be provided for foreign participants with a preliminary recording of the speech.

Annotations and applications should be sent to:, selection of applications is carried out according to extended (one page) annotations - UDC, title of the report, full name. authors, name of the organization, e-mail of the author - abstracts are accepted 3 months before the start of the Seminar (April 10, 2023). Indicate to which direction you relate your report.

Until the end of April, the Program Committee will consider the submitted abstracts and make a decision to include your report in the Seminar program.

Acceptance of finished articles, designed in accordance with the requirements, is carried out until June 19, 2023 for the organization of peer review. Based on the results of the review, a decision will be made on the possibility of publishing the article in the proceedings of the Seminar and on the form of participation (sectional report, poster presentation).

No more than two articles can be submitted from one author. A multimedia projector will be provided to show demonstration materials.

On the part of ISEM SB RAS, an agreement will be concluded with each participant for compensation of expenses for the Meeting. The amount of the contract will include the cost of transporting the Participant from Irkutsk to the venue of the Meeting and back, accommodation and meals during the Seminar, registration fee. The amount of the Contract and the payment procedure will be announced additionally.

 Address for correspondence:

 Efimova Larisa Mikhailovna, e-mail:


 Chairman of the International Program Committee of the Seminar,


Director of ISEM SB RAS, Academician of RAS V.A. Stennikov



 Scientific secretary of the seminar L.M. Efimova